A RUSH tribute at the top of their game

50 gigs in 2023 including Lakeside Park in Canada for Neil Peart’s family


They had only been on stage for mere minutes and already my face was aching from the sustained grin.
These strangers who weren't actually Rush made me feel as though I was finally attending a legitimate Rush concert.
The accuracy with which they all play while still maintaining a lighthearted approach to their performance is, well, it's exactly as you'd expect from Rush themselves.

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Planet Rock Radio - Darren Redick:

Moving Pictures - they're really really good. I give them a double Redick thumbs-up.

On seeing the Moving Pictures video for their arrangement of Afterimage - Alex Lifeson:

Very moving and beautifully done. Heartfelt thanks to the band for their kind tribute.

Moving Pictures play for over two hours covering all the classics such as Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio and Xanadu (with doubleneck guitars) plus some deeper cuts such as By Tor and later belters such as Far Cry and Headlong Flight.

Moving Pictures are regularly on the bill at Rush fan conventions, have recordings on all 4 Songs For Neil albums (including performances with Terry Brown and Hugh Syme) and have performed for Neil Peart's family in Lakeside Park, Canada. 2024 shows will include Rush fan events in Brazil and Holland.

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What a start to the year - Aberdeen always does us proud and this year they excelled - Lemon Tree SOLD OUT - thank you! We're now booked to return in January 2024 for THREE SHOWS in a row - two evenings and a special Anatomy of a Rush song matinee! Check out the GIGS page for links.

Our gigs in Dundee and Glasgow at the start of February blew us away again - another cracking couple of venues - converted churches seem to make for amazing rock gigs. Does this sound familiar - the Coff Inn??

SOLD OUT London and Swindon gigs at the end of February were incredible. Darren Redick from Planet Rock radio has been a great supporter of ours and we had the pleasure of him joining us on stage for FAR CRY - he's a mean mean bass player! Leoni Jane Kennedy was our support on those gigs and made this hilarious VLOG.

THIS NEXT NEWS IS SURREAL - We've been invited by Neil Peart's family (sister Nancy) to play in the Neil Peart Pavilion in LAKESIDE PARK, CANADA! Watch this space for details.

3 gigs in April culminated in our first appearance in the iconic CAVERN CLUB in Liverpool. The experience was more than we had imagined - and we're heading back in February.

May brought us RUSHfest Scotland, with cries of it being one of the best Rush fan conventions of all time. We certainly pulled the stops out headlining in front of Terry Brown, Hugh Syme and Neil Peart's sisters Nancy & Judy.

The summer months took us to Milton Keynes, Barnsley (our first show for major promoter THE GIG CARTEL), Swindon, Worthing (with the incredible lighting designer Howard Kirk - yes we have a Howard on lights!) a double-gig Sunday at the Half Moon in London (our first time playing the entire moving pictures album), new venues in Cambridge, Guildford (another Redick show!), Sheffield (the first city Rush ever played in the UK - and we had folks at our gig that were at THAT show!), Dunfermline, Lancaster, Birmingham, Bradford, Carlisle and the iconic GARAGE in GLASGOW - our biggest gig to date. We'll be flying high on that one for a long time.

Moving Pictures Crowd
Photo by Kevin Kerr

The inimitable LEONI JANE KENNEDY has been supporting us a lot this year - and long may that continue. She's just released an album of acoustic reimagined Rush covers and has some amazing original material too.

Hugh Syme has designed our new logo and once again has done all of the art for this year's Songs for Neil album - this will be Volume 4 - out 12 Sept, Neil's birthday.

Here we are in September and we're not long home from a trip of a lifetime - a week in Toronto as guests of Neil Peart's sisters Nancy and Judy, brother Danny and mum Betty - Mama Peart as she has now adopted our new logo! We had the honour to play for 2 hours in the iconic Lakeside Park in St Catherine's, near the Neil Peart Pavilion, in front of Neil's family and guests that were taking part in the Peart Family Golf fundraising weekend. We're still pinching ourselves.

Lakeside Park

Thanks to everyone that supports us. As we say at most gigs It's our job to try and play this music to the best of our abilities. It's your job to come out and support all Rush tributes to make sure these incredible songs get the exposure they deserve.

A Night For Neil

Steve was honoured beyond belief to toast Neil Peart at the Memorial / Celebration concert A Night For Neil in St. Catharine's, Canada on 22 October 2022.

He was joined on stage by Neil's sister Nancy, brother Danny, Starman Bob King and organisers Lance Kasten and Paul Beaulieu.

After the toast Steve talked about the charity work done by RUSHfest Scotland and introduced Moving Pictures' Afterimage video.


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More from Rockfiend review by Mark Reid:

I've seen many grown men cry (usually after dropping slabs on themselves) but this was my first time witnessing someone reduced to tears through rock music, especially music being played by someone other than the original artists. This, in itself, speaks volumes.

Despite wildly gesticulating to the crew that she had issues, Jamie never missed a beat and managed to keep that Peart train rolling until the end. Impressive doesn't come close.

The energy between Steve, Eoin, and Jamie was insane as they embodied Lifeson, Lee, and Peart before my eyes.

I remember thinking to myself, "You can't get much better than this!" and then it turns out I was wrong.

Holy hell, did it ever get better. It's been said by countless bands and performers that Glasgow is the best place in the world to play as it has the best crowd. I agree. I've lost count of the number of bands I've seen where the audience carried the song to either the joy or chagrin of those on stage. When you hear a 600 strong Garage audience open their lungs with "And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start..."

Words cannot express the suffocating wave of emotion that took over me at that point. Only a few words into the opening line, I found myself unable to form the words and realised that I had tears coming down my face. It was a moment of unspeakable beauty and unity between performer and audience. I have never been so moved at any gig prior to that night, nor do I think I will again. But, like all good writers dealing with a melancholy scene, they were able to raise a smile as Steve produced a copy of Women's Weekly during Eoin's bass solo, showing Eoin some of the interesting articles as his fingers ran around the fretboard. It's practically impossible to embody the spirit of Rush without evoking their unique brand of playful nonsense, and this was right up there with Barbie dolls, dinosaurs, and popcorn machines.

And to ensure we leave the venue with yet another swift kick to the emotional nutsack, everyone chanted along to "The Sphere". It was originally the perfect way to end a fantastic concept piece, and became the perfect way to end an incredible night.

I crossed the threshold to The Garage that night, perfectly prepared to enjoy watching a trio of Rush fans play some of their favourite music to a crowd of likeminded people. I left with a sense of enlightenment and a greater appreciation for tribute bands, and newfound lifelong support for the band who calls themselves Moving Pictures.

Steve, Eoin, and Jamie may not be Rush, but anyone who missed out on their chance or who still aches to see Rush live really could do no better than to catch Moving Pictures.